2003) Slumber Party Cloe, BOX DATE: 2003 MANUFACTURER: M.G…

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BOX DATE: 2003 MANUFACTURER: M.G.A. DOLLS IN LINE: Cloe; Yasmin; Sasha; Jade; Meygan BODY TYPE: 2001; bend & snap legs HEAD MOLD: 2001; closed lips ***Cloe has cut hair. PERSONAL FUN FACT: Cloe is one of those dolls whom I rescued that was on the brink of death. She was in terrible condition when I found her in a lot of dolls at the flea market in 2014. Colleen and I stumbled upon a small container filled with Barbies and Bratz dolls, most of whom sported awful hair cuts. We purchased the slightly over priced bin under the context that we

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2002) Slumber Party Cloe, BOX DATE: 2002 MANUFACTURER: M.G…

Stopped myself for along time getting these factory rejects from aliexpress : r/Bratz